Building engaging game experiences on mobile that people would aspire to play for years




War Zone

A war-themed Text RPG styled Strategy Game that challenges you to conquer and battle your way to world domination in the midst of a global apocalypse.


Candy Land

Build your own candy factory and craft huge varieties of candies. Experience the delicious world of candies filled with Match 3 Puzzles.


We work in small teams with a strong focus on independence and ownership




We are a long-term focused gaming company that aims at building immersive mobile game experiences that mid-core and casual game players would aspire to engage with, for years and decades. Tiny Tactics is built on core beliefs that challenge conventional business structures within and outside the industry.


Small Teams

If a tiny butterfly’s wing flap can cause a storm elsewhere, we believe a small team’s focused effort can deliver high quality games that are appreciated worldwide. It means that ownership is high, and teams enjoy independence. It enables them to address the demands of casual and mid-core gamers across different corners of the globe.

Quality Experiences

Our games are designed with the purpose of creating deep-level engagement, translating into high-quality experiences. Whether it is conquering the battlefield in War Zone or collaborating with other players to build the world of Candy Land, our games encourage players to apply logic and intuition. We make sure our games grasp interest and makes gamers want to come back and play.

Years of Gameplay

We would only justify our distant imagination into the future if we take our game players along. To accommodate our games into casual and mid-core players’ lifestyle and gaming habits, we design our games with the vision of providing long term engagement. We aim at extending value to all our players. Our games aspire to not only engage but also create player satisfaction with long term gratifying experiences.


We are a gaming start-up filled with ambitious teams focused on pushing the boundaries of Indian mobile gaming ecosystem




Competitive Aspirations

Achievable long-term goals that drive competition for maximum players


Game Systems

Deep engagement systems to engage maturing mobile gamers across all genres


Emotion driven
Social Engagement

Relations built due to engagement systems leading to situations of high emotional impact